Australian Sandstone in the Grampians


The beautiful sandstone of the Grampians is indeed a pleasure to climb on. The Australian animals are exceptional; wombats, kangaroos, goanna, echidnas and the rock wallaby. The bird life is brilliantly abundant both in color and population creating melodious bird symphonies daily. The weather is dry and warm just like the sandstone making it a great destination for avoiding a North American winter. G’Day Mate, can be heard all day long and is as infectious as it is sickeningly cute. The massive Grampians Park in the State of Victoria is really all about the nature, the animals, and world class sport climbing.



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  1. Those rocks look incredible!! I want to climb them. And visit Australia. So jealous.

  2. What an awesome climb that looks like! Some of the wildlife would be pretty incredible, too.
    How well does protection work in sandstone? What are you using?

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