More Kalymnos adventures: Skalia Cave

The cave is easy to access with only a ten-minute hike from the road to the cave’s entrance. The entrance is protected with an iron gate to prevent goats from falling inside. A short ladder leads the caver into the first room and then a rope is installed in case you get lost within this not so complex cave system.

Google maps. Here is a map showing the Skalia cave location on Kalymnos island.

Once inside the old rock climbing rope leads to a small squeeze passage to a three-meter ladder which brings you to the second room and much curious limestone formations such as large columns, curtains, straws and stalactites and stalagmites. The colours are nice with browns, whites, yellows, reds and soft oranges.

The last section of the rope brings you into the Grand Cathedral a huge room with a thirty-meter-high ceiling. It is filled with more fantastic flow formations and jumbles of boulders. It was pleasantly warm inside and it always fascinates me when the headlamps are turned out, the absolute darkness that exists in the underground world.

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