The best Sport Climbing in Vang Vieng, Laos

Climbing at Pha Daeng Mountain

Vang Vieng is a four hour mini bus trip from the capital city, Vientiane. There is a large tourist population and an abundance of cheap guesthouses, restaurants, bars, and markets.

The best rock climbing in Vang Vieng, is a quick hike to the mountains on the other side of the Nam Song river, but the potential for new development is limitless. Pha Daeng Mountain is the towering mountain that sits over the river on the west side of town, you can not miss it. The proximity makes for easy climbing and the size has a huge potential for development. As of 2021 there is one main cliff with twenty routes. The cliff stays dry in the wet season and is in the shade from 11am.

If it is dry season, you can take any number of the suspension foot bridges. Go all the way across, not just to the little peninsula with all the bars on it. During the wet season they take down the foot bridges, so you have to head a bit south to the big vehicle bridge and pay 4000 kip (50 cents). Follow the road around right until you get to the Maylyn Guest House and continue on for 200 yards or so until you see the mountain on your right, and white flags on bamboo poles in the rice paddies or a blue sign for  “cave, viewpoint” leading across the rice paddies. More than likely you’ll be swarmed by a gang of kids there to collect your 10000 kip to go see the cave.  Head across the rice field, trending left, towards the obvious large wall.

Looking back to the town.

Adams Climbing School offers good climbing courses and also rents equipment. The shop also sells chalk, climbing shoes, ropes and quick draws.

Routes from the farthest wall. (left to right)

  1. Peppering the Tiger Steak – 7a

2. Fat Jesus – 6b+

3. Paging Dr. F – 6b+

4. Suck on my tiny C Balls – 6b+

5. Its funny coz hes fat – 6a

6. King Cobra – 6a+

7. The Intergalactic mind space of found souls – 5c

8. Viper Pit -6c+

9. Family is Far – 5b+

10. Thanks Josh – 6b

11. Egg Power – 7a

12. Round the twist – 5b

13. Pea My – 6b+

14. Nyu Pit – 6a+

15. Meung Mum – 6a+

16. top rope – 5c

17. Pre-highland games – 5c

18. Highland Games – 6b

19. Battery mot loe – 7a

20. Please dont rush – 7a+

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