Images of Jeon-ju, South Korea

These photos are from the small town Jeon-ju, which is famous for good food, friendly people, and a mockup of a traditional village. It is easy enough to navigate if you can read or speak Korean but if you can not be prepared to get lost.

We spent some time at a calligraphy exhibition which was visually stimulating.

Most of the Korean food I have tried is surprisingly weird. Although there are other times when it can be super delicious, Korean BBQ. A lot of the really good dishes I have eaten are a fusion of Chinese (dumplings), Japanese (Nori and rice) and Korean kitchens (Kimchi).

The traditional dress is fantastic and people rent outfits and spend the next four hours posting pictures on various social channels.

We did spend some time hiking too! The parks always seem to have some Buddhist Temples and the most amazing fall colors.

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