Climbing in the Czech republic: Dolni Zleb, an exciting place for world class Sandstone climbing

It was early afternoon when we arrived at the ferry and I could see across the river to Dolni Zleb. High above the small village are some of the cliffs but the sandstone walls are on both side of the river for about 6 km and the walls are fom 10 to 100 meters tall hosting more than 5000 established routes.

The link for the awesome new guide book, which is in English and German with lots of maps, info and clear topos.

The climbing is different, all the protection is with well spaced out rings or bolts but the climber can use ropes, slings or rubber UFOS for passive protection. This is not overly safe for the beginner leader but an experienced climber can have an adrenalin enhanced experience. It helps with the confidence factor that the rock is super solid, unlike the grainy sandstone in other Czech areas.

Camping is 2 euro per person in a tent. The climbers hut has dorms for 4 euro a person. The Czech climbing community is very friendly and supportive.

The climbers pub in Dolni Zleb – U Kosti has great food and cheap beer, they also collect the camp fees.

Shopping- Decin has all the shopping you need 10km away or Bad Schandau. Dreden is 30km away. Hrensko has a climbing shop and lots of tourist souvenir tat.

There is a train station in  Dolni Zleb and costs 1 euro to Decin or 2 to Bad Schandau. The ferry price is 1 euro a person and the car 3 euro.

There is a DBahn ticket (Bayern Bohem ticket) 37 euro for 2 people to travel from Munich to Dolni Zleb but it takes 9 hours with 5 train changes.





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