Berdorf, Luxembourg; Great sandstone, well bolted, no permit system and low tax on gin make for a great climbing trip

Berdorf is home to the small climbing garden of Wantenbaach and the solid sandstone is well trafficked, crisp, safely bolted, and the locals are friendly. The routes are twenty to thirty meters long and number around 150 independent lines but another 70 variations or combinations have been created. There is no longer a climbing permit system in place at Berdorf. The crag holds many five-star routes in the 5c to 8b range.

There are two different campgrounds in Berdorf, Camping Martbusch or Camping Belle-Vue 2000 and are toilets, garbage cans, and recycling bins at the Martbusch sports field. This is about a five minute walk to the crag, here you can also get water and park.

Many days we drove down to Echternach (7km away), to visit the man-made lake, to BBQ, or to go grocery shopping (Rewe & Cactus), eat at restaurants, see the oldest architecture in Luxembourg, use the swimming pool (2 euro), mini-golf and check out the street side bars. There is also a campground on the Sauer river in Echternacherbruck, Germany which is 9km from Berdorf and across the river from Echternach.


One of our rest days we drove to Luxembourg City, only 40km away but it was a Sunday so some things were closed but the churches were open. 

Luxembourg has a feeling of freedom, tidiness, and wealth.  One of the big pluses for me was the tax-free gin and auto petrol. The cost for Hendrick`s (21 euro), Tanqueray No.Ten (16 euro) and unleaded fuel 1.27 euro a litre. It was warm in August with day time temperatures of 28 degrees, so some ice-cold beverages were needed after the fantastic days climbing in the shaded forest.

On the weekdays it was quiet and pleasant to climb at the crags but on the weekends a large number of weekend warriors (soft movers) and their barking dogs swarm the crags between noon and 6pm. There are a variety of trails near and wandering through the slot canyons of Sept Gorges was a great midday break.

There are a variety of hiking trails in the Mullerthal area. These wander past waterfalls, caves and through the slot canyons of Sept Gorges. There are a few pairs of  massive owls in the area, mice, squirrels, foxes and a number of excitable birds.

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