Preparing for long term travel: Six questions I asked myself before quitting my job

I honestly asked myself before I quit my job, if I was happy living in the city and the answer was no. I decided to change the weekly pattern of my life because it had become, Monday was hard, Tuesday was the day things got done or I called in sick, Wednesday was hump day, Thursday was almost Friday, and when Friday came, I was free untill Sunday evening. I sold the stuff worth cash value and thought about what I should do for the next two years.

1 Who inspired me to be a better person? These people should be my mentors, friends and role models.

2 What will I do for the next two years? This was the big question and it involved beach time, experiencing the underwater world, rock climbing, seeing historical wonders of the world, multiday hiking, and going to random unknown countries.

3 Where to start with my first destination? I decided it should be the place I wanted to see most before I died, so I went to Nepal and the Thailand.

4 When to visit countries because places have better times, and various weather conditions like snow season, dry season, windy, wet, and heat, another consideration was cultural festival times and local public holidays.

5 Why? Because life was not happening, I was just getting a  biweekly check to pay rent, eat, pay some crappy bills and do some twice a week.

6 How should I travel?  I thought about using all modes of transport biking, hiking, train, bus, boat, and plane. The idea was to stay in places until I felt it was time to leave or when the countries visa expired.

The journey of living in the world continues and I have learned that slower is better, life should be easy, happy, healthy, sunny, and positive.




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