Top ten foods found in Nepal

There are many strange but delicious food in Nepal and here follow the top ten. The favorite food of the Nepalese is dal bhat, which is basically seasonal veg (spinach or potato), rice (bhat), and boiled dal (lentils). They eat this twice a day around 11 am and again at 7 pm. Most people believe that you have not eaten real food unless you have had a dal bhat.

Momo is a streamed dumpling and stuffed with garlic, carrot, cabbage, ginger and sometimes meat. They can also be fried and come with a spicy sauce. Most Nepalese eat them as an afternoon snack and tourists anytime!


The ever popular sil is a sweet deep fried donut type morning sweet made from rice flour and enjoyed with a cup of milk masala tea (chai) on the way to temples, shopping, or trekking.


Another must try dish while trekking in the mountains is the cheese from the yak. These animals live at higher elevations (usually 3000 to 5000 meters) where the temperatures are cooler. Yak cheese is something special.


Dosa is a tasty South Indian breakfast treat made from rice flour and comes with sweet coconut cutney and spicy sambar.


Vegetable manchurian is a fantastic afternoon fusion snack made from cauliflower, carrot and cabbage. The frightening bright orange Jeeri is a popular sickly sweet snack eaten anytime of day or night.


Mutter (peas) paneer (cheese) is a classic curry, that can be paired with garlic naan.


The cheap and varied lunch thali, is a fixed plate with breads, rice, yogurt, pickle and various vegetable curries.



Sorry the HOT DUG did not make it into this list!

1 Dal bhat

2 Momo

3 Sil

4 Milk masala tea

5 Yak cheese

6 Dosa

7 Vegetable manchurian

8 Jeeri

9 Garlic naan

10 Mutter paneer


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