My Friend the Gecko

While travelling around South East Asia seeing geckos was common but I soon learned there are many strange varieties. The rather big Tokay Gecko are brightly coloured and make a distinctive mating call which can be heard in the short YouTube clip below. We had this one in our bungalow for a week it was about 50 cm long.Photo: Koh Rong, Cambodia.


Listen to calls of the Tokay Gecko! 


The picture below shows the small Asian House Gecko.  It is 10 cm long and is a transparent pinkish color. They helped keep the mosquito population low in the Bungalow and were a great source of entertainment. They would remain motionless until we no longer watched them and then ran away to hide in the thatched roof. 


Photo: Thakhek, Laos.


One hot and humid night in May there were eight geckos running around the roof and walls of a Thai restaurant. They were mating, fighting, and pooping onto the people, floors and tables. I absent-mindedly flicked one off the table, sending it flying across the restaurant to hit a young British backpacker. This is a tiny gecko poop that landed between our Pad Thai and Green Curry. 

Photo: Railay Bay, Thailand.


Watch this Tokay gecko catching bugs and licking his eyeballs!


This Spotted Gecko (15 cm long) ate a hole in the back pack (when I was out snorkelling) to get some sweet crackers. It also ate a banana that was hanging from the curtain rod and some shelled peanuts that were sealed in a plastic package. He did use the bathroom to leave some turds though.

Photo: Pulau Weh, Indonesia.


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