Cambodian Pajama Fashion

Anytime and anywhere you can see Cambodian women and children in colourful pajamas. I was fascinated by it and decided to take a few photos and caption each one. Here are the pictures and my simple observations.

The grannies seem super stylish, comfortable and PJs are practical for a morning stroll.


Also wearable before a dinner walk to help work up an appetite.


I went shopping for some kinda brownish black striped jammies but only found brightly coloured floral print PJs.


Of course it is great athletic wear and wonderful sun protection.


I like my bed so much that most mornings only the lure of an amazing ice coffee can motivate me to get up and I see this women needed one too.


Driving is dangerous in Cambodia and if there is an accident, your prepared to Rest In Peace.


After a long hot day the thought of laying down for a cat nap is what this exhausted women  needed, it was 38°C.


“My moped is broken, I really should not have gotten out of bed today”, is surely what this Oma was thinking.

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