Turkey, Geyikbayiri and sport climbing at the new Sector – Moon

James Cruikshank on Buddhas Revenge 6b.png

The routes feature pockets, tufa, crimps, and jugs. The Moon is in the shade after 12 noon but there are sunny spots till 5pm to have lunch. The rock is solid and cleaned to perfection. The tranquil area is above a small river and looks northeast over forests and mountains. Thanks to Petzl, Climbers Garden, The Land, and the route equippers, route scrubbers, and trail builders Murat Gorken, James Cruikshank, Katharina Habermann, Wolfgang Schulz and Jeroen Kuiper.

Jeroen pausing and comtemplating the effects of  Antimatter 7a.jpg


DIRECTIONS – The location is a short 15 walk up the paved road from Climbers garden. At the junction to the big entrance sign saying –Welcome Geyikbayiri– stay on the right paved road and walk uphill for another 10 minutes. Here you must turn right after the squiggly road sign onto an obvious dirt road. Walk past goat pens and plastic shepherd huts (be friendly and respectful). Then you will come to an open field. Walk (5 minutes) and follow red markers to Moon. The orange paint is from the Shepherds and will get you lost.       IMG_6423.JPG

Sector Moon – The route Topo  

1st wall topo.jpg

Name Grade Bolt Meter Equipper, First Ascent
1. Moonshine 6b+ 7 18 Murat Görken, Jeroen Kuiper
2. Ingilizce Zombi 6b 6 15 James Cruikshank
3. Orbit 5a 4 10 James Cruikshank
4. Hyperion 6c 4 10 James Cruikshank
5. Botanist 6a+ 5 10 Katharina Habermann
6. Heavy Gravity 6c+ 3 10 James Cruikshank

2nd topo.jpg

Name Grade Bolt  


Equipper, First Ascent
7. Painkiller 5c 5 10 Murat Görken
8. Osternest 5b 5 12 Katharina Habermann, James Cruikshank
9. Moon Dust 5a 6 15 Katharina Habermann, James Cruikshank
10. Endor 6a 5 15 Katharina Habermann, James Cruikshank
11. Wurmloch 5b 4 12 Katharina Habermann, James Cruikshank
12. Uncle Fucker 6c+ 5 12 James Cruikshank
13. G.O.R.A. 7a+ 4 12 James Cruikshank
14. Van Allen Belt 5c 6 15 James Cruikshank

3rd wall topo.jpg

Name Grade Bolt Meter Equipper, First Ascent
15. Der neue Stecher 6c 8 20 James Cruikshank
16. Limon ay 6c+ 10 25 Murat Görken, Jeroen Kuiper
17.Buddha´s Revenge 6b 9 25 James Cruikshank
18. Antimatter 7a 9 22 James Cruikshank
19. Moonraker 7c 10 28 James Cruikshank
20. Dr. Rocket 7b 9 25 James Cruikshank

 Free topo for Sector Moon in Geyikbayiri

Kathi gets the first ascent on Wurmloch 5b.jpg

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