Multi-Pitching on Kalymnos and Telendos.

–Kalymnos and Telendos.


Kalymnos is not only about steep tufa climbing but also island adventures, multipitch experiences and greek food.

The classic multipitches created by equippers, Peter Keller and Urs Odermatt are Wings for Life (Red Bull). Wild country (of course Wild country), and Three Stripes (Adidas). 

The story could expound on the stereotypical black clad Greek widow, black clad fisherman, the black clad teenager, ice coffee drinking locals but that is playing to stereotypes.

There is excellent food to be eaten- baked octopus, fresh fish, spanikapita, and baklava. I will hype the uniqueness  of beautiful long routes, that suck on your fingers and hands when they touch the rock. There are 3 pitch and up to 12 pitch routes. The climbing itself is extremely varied, with style changing considerably from one pitch to the next, from vertical slabs with small crimps, to steep roofs with jug hauls, to vertical pocketed walls, and of course a few tufas and cracks around.  All the pitches have been equipped with bolts and rappel stations.


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