Mottarone, Italy – A rock climbing paradise

 Fabulous  Granite multi pitch rock climbing Mottarone - rockclimbing (moredaysoff)

Pera Aquila at Mottarone, Italy

Italy rock climbing Mottarone

 Viaggio nell’aderenzo/Beek provided 100 meters of climbing in 5 pitches

Approach: A 15 minute hike from the ski lift parking  lot on the top of Mount Mottarone (1450 meters above sea level) in Lombardia, Italy.

P1 – 20m 5aMottarone-Pera Aquila. Climb up featured slab.

P2 – 25m 5c. Climb the non featured slab.

Mottarone - Italy rock climbing by moredaysoff

P3 – 30m 5b. Use the layback, then continue up pods, cracks and nubs.

Mottarone - Viaggio nell' adernzo







P4 – Traverse left 10 meters to Beek but watch out for lizards.

Mottarone - Pitch 3 on Pera AquilaLizard - moredaysoff


P5 – 20m 6c. Climb the fabulous left trending dike .


 Mottarone rock climbs moredaysoff

Descent: Top out and walk back to the parking lot while enjoying views of Lake D’Orta.

Gear: 50 meter rope & 10 quick draws.

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