Rock climbing – Training

The Easter rock climbing spring trip is over. It is time to take stock of the results the winter indoor training had.


While on the road trip I was onsighting and trying as many new routes as possible. Each day I tried to hydrate, warm up on 2/3 easy routes, use drop knees, do some light stretching between routes and rest at least 30-50 minutes.  I also limited junk food but the Lindt monster made me eat 50-100 grams of chocolate a day but I still noticed an improvement in finger strength and foot work.

There were some problems.

1-Over gripping

2-Lack of core and body tension

3-Pure exhaustion after attempting movement to the max

4-Slow upward momentum

5-Shoulder lock off power

These flaws will be addressed in the next 2 weeks of light rock climbing with technique training. What are your faults? What is limiting your improvement? Do you make a plan to correct these limitations?


Do you have any thoughts or comments?

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