Mental Blocks 5 ways to redpoint the elusive project


I should have climbed it last time or even the 5 times before”, but the redpoint is still elusive. Most rock climbers have this problem when they begin to climb harder and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Have you been stretching, warming up properly, climbing in good conditions (not too hot, too cold, too humid, in the blazing sun), are properly hydrated and rested, have eaten well (vegetables, fruits and pasta), feel light, feel strong, have enough skin on your fingers but still can not send that heinous project. The problem is with your mind not your body. Climbing is a mental game as well as being highly athletic.

1.Approach the route/boulder with a light-hearted attitude and think of your most enjoyable times climbing (to relax and move your mind away from an anxious state).
2. Climb without the attitude of ‘I must send this time’, just go up take the fall if it happens.
3. The stress of trying to accomplish a certain goal creates tension in your body and mind, which consumes more energy, power, and concentration.
4. Try hard. The attitude of ‘I can do this route easily’, creeps into the mind and causes a lazy approach but you must give the moves full effort and focus.
5. Make sure you have the route fully memorized. Each finger placement on every hold, where the thumb sits, how to pull on the holds and in which direction. Memorize each foot placement, how much push power is involved with the legs and when to activate core tension. Even memorizing the easy moves is important as this will conserve energy for the harder sequences.

Employ these tactics and redpoint your project faster.



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