Gimme Kraft-Effective climbing training


This training tool written by Patrick Matros, Dicki Korb and Hannes Huch is well laid out and easy to follow. The trainers Patrick and Dicki have trained Alex Megos in Hanne’s bouldering gym, Café Kraft in Nuremburg, Germany. The book, manual, motivational tool, with its 223 pages is written in both German and English. It also has inspirational DVD which has footage demonstrating how to do exercises and great footage of the German Kraft (power) legend Wolfgang Güllich . It was published in October 2013 and available from

The exercises are categorized into beginner, advanced and pro sections to help avoid injury and encourage efficient strength gains. There are comments and tips from pro athletes such as Alex Megos, Sasha DiGiulian, Barbara Zangerl, Fred Nicole, Melissa Le Neve and other gifted climbers. These talented, dedicated and inspiring climbers are also the models for the more than 70 exercises training exercises.

Dicki and Patrick’s philosophy is that training should revolve around; complex movement in strength exercises, training progressively with sufficient load, training under mental stress, achieving a balance between health specific strength, using tactical aspects, and building power. Gimme Kraft recommends that the training routine you use should be changed every six weeks to prevent stagnation. It is a highly motivational tool for building strength and achieving the always elusive next grade or even two!


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