Sandstone, Warships, and Wombats- An upside down Australian road trip


I just had a piece published in the Areas profile section of It is in the Dec/Jan issue, here is a teaser.


After spending time at the iconic Aussie climbing spot Arapiles camped beneath the rock in the international dirt bag climber campground I wanted to have an adventure and explore more of the sun toasted, upside down, uniquely surreal, Australia. It was November, Australian spring, the wildlife and blossoming plants were abundant. The day time temperatures were a perfect climbing 22 degrees but my Australian friend Joe, found it a bit chilly and preferred the heat of a 30 degree sunny day. Every Ozzie I had talked to at Arapiles, straight out told me I must go to Point Perpendicular. Point Perp has great sport and trad climbs that tower up to 100 meters over the sea. It also has the possibility of seeing humpback whales from June to November and a fantastic historic lighthouse.


Do you have any thoughts or comments?

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