Speeding Spanish Drivers

DSC00953I had been in Spain one day and noticed that there were a lot of new cars but almost all of them were dented up. I was in the Spanish Pyrenees visiting friends. Every day they wanted to show me something new in the lovely countryside but to go anywhere in the car with them was terrifying.  I would be shaking in the seat pleading to slow down.  My friend Uri said to me “James I have only had normal accidents.” He was serious, what is a normal accident I thought as we hurdled through villages at Dakar rally speeds. Is that running over someone’s cow, grandmother, or dog going 120 km. Is a normal accident when the van hits a patch of sand and smashes through an old rock wall possibly into someone’s house. Is normal totally losing control when the van spins out of control on a patch of black ice and flips like a pancake, then tumbles, rolls, and kart wheels through a farmer’s field with all the metal panels spinning off the van. I soon noticed that everyone else was moving through the streets at the same rally car speeds. It is no wonder all the cars are all dented.


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