Hong Kong

img_0194.jpgI got to Hong Kong and had to apply for a visa to get into China. I went and saw a few really amazing parks in the city. The metro cities of the world could take hints from the Hong Kong city planners. One park had an amazing man-made waterfall, another a great big aviary, the public swimming pool had water slides and water volleyball area. I ate wonton noodle soup and gailan (Chinese broccoli) mostly, but I did find the best revolving all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant I have ever been to in my life, cheap for Hong Kong at 6 dollars CDN. After getting the 2 month visa, I took an overnight bus to Yangshuo. The bus was a sleeper bus, with beds on it – no seats at all. Like the Harry Potter bus from the Prisoner of Azkaban, but more cramped with 30 beds in it. I loved it, but did not quite fit.


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