Saving our Land fills through urban recycling

DSC09771 - CopyI had been in Europe for five months and had run out of money so I decided to go to the United Kingdom and make some cash. I had been in Glasgow for three weeks and hadn’t found any work and my funds were dwindling. I began to cruise the dumpsters in the backs of bike shops, for more bike parts. I thought about checking out furniture shops, household shops, computer shops and any places I thought I could salvage stuff and then sell off. One afternoon I noticed a dumpster behind a supermarket with garbage bags full of bread. I opened the bags and grabbed 3 loaf of wholemeal grain bread. I looked in the bin next to the bread boxes of mangoes, I found bottles of juices. It was an absolute jack pot. I filled my pack. I got the stuff home and figured I had booty of 60 dollars worth of stuff. OK it would only last 2 days but I would feast the next two days.

Eventually I found myself some full-time work but it was only for minimum wage. It was enough to cover the rent though. I continued my urban recycling missions, sometimes early in the mornings before work, other times late at night. These treasure hunts yielded great finds, an Hp scanner, printer copier, (sold for 10 quid), many bikes, various t-shirts, a crag hoppers rain proof jacket (eBay 40 quid), a small computer bag, a broken camera (eBay 10 quid), bike lock (eBay 2 quid), plates, cups, bowls, and even a tent.

The food finds were yummy wedding cakes, organic muesli bars, open bags of toilet paper, ripped boxes of laundry soap, cans of soda, and ripening fruit. I found a great florist and made up beautiful bouquets every week. The recycling was a real Easter egg hunt and helped supplemented my income. I was able to save enough money to go to Italy for three months.


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