Singapore: A Gastronomic Pleasure

IMG_0096 (2)Dining is said to be one of Singapore’s national pastimes. Singapore boasts a variety of different ethnic local foods like Chinese, Malay, Indian and hawker food. The diversity is touted as one of the main reasons to visit the country and my stomach agrees. The variety of gastronomic delights gives visitors a tantalizing experience. It is a sensory experience; employing sight, smell, taste and even touch. Many people eat with their hands – more often than chopsticks, forks, or spoons.In Singapore you can find great food at cheap prices in the hawker stands. Most of the small stalls will serve noodles, rice, vegetables, seafood, pork, chicken, and duck, done in exotic and appetizing flavourings. These can often be the best and cheapest meals you can get in Singapore ($3-6 for most dishes).



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  1. I am just reading your posts and guess what…?? I am flying to Singapore in 2 days for eating and climbing vacation!!!

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