The Spanish Kings Walkway fit for all

DSC01041_0[1]The Kings Walkway is an adrenalin pumping adventure walk on a narrow old concrete walkway high above a water filled gorge in Andalucía, Spain. El Chorro is the small Spanish village where ‘El Camino del Rey, The Kings Walkway’, is found. It was named so because Spain’s King Alfonso XIII used it to inspect the progress of the construction of hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls in 1901. The walkway has gone many years without maintenance and is in a state of disrepair. In 2006, the government pledged seven million Euros to fix El Camino del Rey but who knows where that money went, as there have been no improvements and the walk remains in a dilapidated condition. Some parts of the concrete walkway have completely collapsed as there is little reinforcing steel placed within the concrete but in the better areas it can be three feet wide. DSC01032El Camino del Rey follows high above the Guadalhorce River and twists its way through two different gorges and a large valley. The Spanish government installed a safety line twenty years ago, which runs beside the walkway attached to the adjacent limestone rock wall. Most adventure hikers will wear a harness and can latch a lanyard onto the three millimeter steel cable to keep from falling.


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