Life and Death—Rio Style

brazil pria 143I was travelling in Brazil and my tents zipper wouldn’t zip up anymore and let in many mosquitoes. So I bought a replacement zipper in Rio and took the tent to a seamstress shop. The shops window opened up onto the street and was covered by massive white ir

on bars. Inside the window was a room with three sewing machines and the two seamstresses. I showed the ladies the tents broken zipper and the replacement and they understood that I wanted the tent repaired. The women said the tent would be ready in two days. When I returned the zipper was replaced and worked fine. I paid the ladies, said my thanks, and left. When I got back to my Hostel and was examining the tent closer I noticed a note pinned to the tent.


It said ‘To sleep inside this in Rio or other side. It is very very dangerous! Maybe you must be killed Carefully’. I wondered what kind of repair job the ladies had done on the tent.


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